Harder than it looks…

Holy. Camoly.

This blogging stuff is hard. Like, a lot harder than it looks. I decided about a month ago that I wanted to start a blog. As a 20-something millennial, I have long been obsessed with the fathomless pit that is the Internet. I spend most of my waking hours using/checking/browsing/scrolling/trolling Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. So it seemed about time I started creating some content of my own. I’m also going on a big trip in September, and I decided I should try and blog about my travels.

But I had no idea starting would be this frustrating! I agonized over what I should call it. It didn’t help that I didn’t know exactly what kind of blog I wanted. Travel blog? Lifestyle blog? Hybrid? Do I put my name in the title? Do I leave it out? Do I create an Internet persona so no one will know it’s me? TOO MANY DECISIONS. Obviously, I came up with something that was both clever and whitty. Not. I added “ideth” to my name. Still not entirely sure why I thought this was the best option…

Then there’s the design. I am not naturally artistic. Picking colours that go well together and look chic and professional is not something I excel at. I had this vision of a minimalist webpage with pastel colours and a custom design for a header. But everything I tried just looked tacky. I spent several days battling Pixlr trying to create a custom header before I gave up and decided a plain picture would do.  (Have since won my war against Pixlr and added a custom header! #bloggingwin)

I even struggled getting the Widgets to work. I still don’t know how people get the one with their picture and the “About Me” blurb that links to their “About Me” page. I’m sure I can Google it, but at the moment I’m being lazy and will deal with that latter. I’ve basically decided this will have to be a work in progress, or I’ll never start the actual blogging part of having a blog.


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