Four Days to Takeoff

Panic setting in….

Need to work on turning all this stuff into a packed bag.


Getting VERY close to departure day. Today is also my last day of work before I disappear for a month-and-a-half. I’m at the point where my brain is starting to make lists of all the stuff I have to do before I leave. Some of it is trip stuff and some of it is general housekeeping.


  • Practice pack (make sure all of the stuff fits in the bag)
  • Buy whatever I discover I’m missing post-practice pack (toiletries?)
  • Return travel folder to MEC and exchange for travel walet? (MAKE DECISION ON THIS!!!)
  • Pay off credit cards/any bills I can in advance
  • Make master list of top sites I want to see in each city (write list in travel journal)
  • Get addresses from people so I can send them postcards (write these in travel journal also)
  • Organize travel documents (PHOTOCOPY PASSPORT!!!)
  • Return library books
  • Do laundry. Wash all the things.
  • Make travel playlist (update iPod)
  • Put new books on e-reader
  • Download travel aps, map aps, and currency aps onto phone
  • Get kitchen stuff organized for when roommate moves out while I’m away
  • Make a template for blog posts I’ll write while travelling (figure out how to arrange pictures so they line up the way you want them to)
  • Write five more blogs

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