Frankfurt and Home

Frankfurt – Last Stop(s)


I was booked to spend my last two nights in Europe in Frankfurt. I didn’t have any great desire to see Frankfurt, but flying home from the Frankfurt airport was the cheapest option, so I arranged to round out my trip there.

I broke up my train ride from Munich to Frankfurt by stopping in Nuremberg for the day. Nuremberg is a cute little city, with gingerbread style houses and a bunch of churches. It rained while I was there, so after walking through the old town, I visited the documentation centre at the site of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds to get a final dose of WWII history.

I didn’t do much in Frankfurt except walk around, but I really enjoyed the one day I spent there. I found it very clean for such a big city, and liked watching all the people in business suits getting coffee in the financial sector. On the last night of my trip I went for a walk along the river and gazed up at the Frankfurt skyline.

It was hard to be sad that the adventure was over when I was so happy it happened. I got to see so many amazing, beautiful places. I visited the Harry Potter film studios, picnicked on the banks of the Seine river in Paris, cycled through Amsterdam, went to the opera in Vienna and climbed mountains in Germany. And after five and a half weeks, I was excited to go home to a big plate of vegetables, amazing friends and family, and an exciting job.

I loved travelling solo. I was able to spend hours just wandering through cities, walking as fast or as slow as I wanted. And keeping this blog was great because it gave me a purpose. My mission was to take hundreds of pictures, go on tours and learn the history of each city I visited so I could post about it here.

Anyone who says it’s unsafe for a girl to travel alone in Europe is misguided. It’s no less safe then walking around any city in Canada by yourself. Just like at home, you have to use common sense if you’re in an area that feels unsafe, and you’ll be fine.

I would encourage absolutely everyone, at any age, to take time to travel Europe. Whether you go for two weeks or two months, I’ve never met anyone who regrets going to Europe. Travelling is a great learning experience, which teaches you about yourself and the world around you.

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